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1987 FJ60

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1987 FJ60

SOLD SOLD- 1/5/2012 This 1987 FJ60 is in excellent condition and is very stock. We purchased it with a bad 2F engine. Our plan is to install a used 2H diesel engine that is mated to an H55F transmission. The stock wiring harness and gages will also be installed so as to make it as "factory" looking/feeling as possible. This will make the Cruiser an HJ60! Diesel Land Cruisers get better fuel mileage and we predict that this Cruiser will average between 20-25 mpg! The Cruiser could use a suspension upgrade to say an Old Man Emu full suspension kit. If you have an interest in this please contact us. We do not have a price on this Cruiser and conversion yet. PRICE- Unknown at this time SOLD

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