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Restoration 1973 FJ40 Chevy 350 V8

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Restoration 1973 FJ40 Chevy 350 V8

March 13, 2011- VIDEO UPDATES-  This Cruiser is down to the frame and in many pieces.  The wiring harness is much worse than first expected and will need to be completely replaced with a good (better) condition used harness.  The cowl is in decent condition with limited work required to the cowl mount/toe board area. Sand blasting has been done and many of the body parts will be placed into primer soon. We will also re-seal the Chevy (Chevrolet as GM would like everyone to say now) 350 as well.  March 7, 2011-  VIDEO UPDATES- This Land Cruiser comes to us from Montana via Virginia for a full restoration.  Watch as we install our Aluminum Body Tub onto this V8 powered Land Cruiser.  

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