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Ned\'s Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Adventure

Ned's Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Adventure

December 22, 2008- Entry 3-

Our latest trip: We took a "one-dayer" north from Abu Dhabi to a part of Oman separated from the rest, at the "point" of the large peninsula facing the Starits of Hormuz. On the way we passed through several of the other Emerites, including Dubai, Sharja, Ajman, and Ras al Kahmain. It was a one-way 250 kilomter trip. Once we got north of Dubai, we were very much into thrid-world countries. Abu Dhabi and most of Dubai are ultra-modern, but the others aren't quite up to the same level of development. Ras al Kahmain is especially rural, with goats and cattle roaming freely, including on the streets. The best parts were the abundance of FJ45's, and even a few FJ62's, including one converted to a pick-up. I've attached a picture of that. The scenery along the road into Oman is spectaculer, with the road hugging the edge of the water just below huge cliffs. Since it's winter here (same as home), it's generally very pleasant, with daytime temps in the 80's, and nights falling into the high 50's andow 60's. The road goes into the town of Al Khasaba, and is the one road in, and one road out of town. Anyway, attached are some pics. Hope all is well, Ned 

December- 5, 2008- Entry 2-

We've done some more cruisin' around, and found some great relics at the "industrial Area" outside of Abu Dhabi. Included were two rare, for here, late model ('83-'84, hard to tell which) FJ45's. I only have pics of one, but will get some of the second. There are lots and lots of wrecked cruisers, most new, some brand new! Also, lots of BMW's, Mercedes and other high end cars. Even a few Rolls! We've rented a Honda Civic to get around. The drivers here are slightly crazy; traffic accidents are the largest cause of deaths. Often, we're passed by Mercedes flying by at 120 (or more) mph. Interestingly, truck traffic is restricted to the right lane only of each road, which helps reduce congestion. The only problem so far, is that I can't long-term lease or buy a car until my resident visa is approved, and that may take months more! So, we're relegated to renting a car, much to my frustration, as I'd like to buy a 4x4, preferably an older Cruiser. I did buy a compass/altimeter fitting for my 80 froa junkyard for $40. Now, I need the shorter sun visors for it. I'll get those soon. 
Hope all is well, and I'll keep you posted. 

November 30, 2008- Entry 1

Just have a minute before a meeting- arrived here in fine shape, there are many LC's on the road, most 100's or later, only a few 80's one 62, and the attached 60, but it looks dead. I will look at buying a 100, 2001 vintage, if the price is right. Nothing older than 20 years is allowed now, and it will get worse next year, otherwise I would seriouls tconsider bringing my 80 over! Hope all is well, Ned November 1, 2008- Entry 2- Tedd- I was roaming around today (Friday is a day off), went up to Dubai, a 130 kilometer jaunt, and found a couple of junk yards with LC's in them. Note the RHD Cruiser with front winch. It also has a second gas tank, as do a lot of them here. Wonder how it got here? The UAE is all LHD. Then, came back to Abu Dhabi, and found the street that has most of the used car dealerships. Took a couple of more pics there. Note the Rolls! There also was a Maserati, but didn't get a shot of that. I'm going back tomorrow (Saturday) to look at the FJ75(?) station wagon. It has a bad leak, looks like a seal gone bad. Even found 2 FJ100's that had been brought in from the US! They have leather, normally here is cloth (like my 80) due to the heat, I imagine. I'll keep you posted. Ned

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