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TJM Lockers

Toughest locker on the market.

Experiencing life outdoors is best achieved behind the wheel of a 4WD.

But, why is that when you finally take your 4WD out of suburb onto what’s meant to be its home-turf that even the smallest obstacle becomes too challenging for your brand new, shiny 4WD? Well, it’s all about traction. Traction describes the relationship or grip that your tyres have with the ground, and loss of traction is the 4WD’s number one enemy. Without traction, your prized 4WD will be about as useful as an exercise bike at a suburban gym.

Even though you've purchased a 4WD, its factory differential is designed for road use. To prevent premature wear on tyres, it allows for easy cornering by delivering torque to the wheel experiencing the least resistance. This process works well on bitumen, but when you go off-road, your engine will send all its power to the wheel that comes off the ground, essentially, leaving you powerless.

The TJM Pro Locker solves this problem with the flick of a switch. An innovative air-operated differential locker, the Pro Locker effectively locks “traction-less” wheels and subsequently, the other wheels work harder to get you out. The Pro Locker allows you maximum traction and drive from all four wheels giving you the best possible chance of tackling formidable terrain. And all without getting your feet dirty. With the Pro Locker installed, you may never get stuck again.

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