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Restorations FAQ

Building a Better Land Cruiser since 1992....Cruiser Solutions-

Every Land Cruiser displayed on this page has undergone a complete restoration here at Cruiser Solutions. We like doing all types of Land Cruiser restorations and customizations. Nothing is beneath Cruiser Solutions and nothing is out of our reach. What you see on this page is only a fraction of our restoration resume. We often update this page, so keep checking in. If you have an interest in purchasing a restored Land Cruiser of any style, or have a Land Cruiser that you want restored, call us at Cruiser Solutions. We GUARANTEE to talk with you AT LENGTH about your vision to experience the restoration process and ultimately to own a Toyota Land Cruiser.

  • Aluminum Body Installations
  • Custom Paint- PPG and House of Kolor
  • Diesel Conversions- 2H, 12HT, 1HZ, etc.
  • 5 Speed Transmissions- H55F
  • Custom Interiors- Seats, Carpets, etc.
  • Wiring Harness Restorations
  • Suspension Lifts
  • Power Steering Conversions
  • Powercoating and Galvanizing of Frames/Parts
  • FJ/BJ/HJ40/42/45/47/60/75/62/80/100
  • Custom Cruiser Built
  • Bone Stock make the call....

Question & Answers:

Does Cruiser Solutions ONLY perform FULL restorations?

Cruiser Solutions performs ALL TYPES of restorations that you the customer might request.  It can be as detailed as a full frame up restoration with many many details, or as simple as an Aluminum Body Tub installation with no paint and a few minor mechanical repairs.  You call the shots as to what you think you need/want.

Does Cruiser Solutions perform tune-ups, or basic repairs?

Yes.  We have an active bay in the facility that does a great deal of mechanical work...not only for our restoration customers, but for our regular returning customers that like to have the Cruiser looked at every year for typical mechanical repairs and up-keep.

The frame on my Land Cruiser needs repair.  Will Cruiser Solutions weld in new steel to restore a particular section of the frame?

Yes.  It is always good to see digital pictures of your "situation" so that we can make a game plan for repair.

How do I get my Land Cruiser to Cruiser Solutions?

That is the easy part.  We contract with a few reliable transport companies to pick-up and deliver your Land Cruiser directly to our facility.  For those Cruisers' located with-in New England we hire an extremely dependable local towing company to deliver your Cruiser from you to us.  For customer's located outside of New England we usually contract with Intercity Lines Auto Transporters or Exotic Auto Transporters.  Either way, having your Land Cruiser delivered to Cruiser Soluions can be easily done.  Contact us for shipping rates. 

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