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September 2010-

Tedd & the team,
Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you again for all your hard work on my 1977 Toyota FJ40.  You listen to our vision and made it a reality.  We loved watching the rehab unfold in the weekly videos!  Everyday i'm amazed by your attention to detail.  It is absolutely perfect, from the stock dashboard and rims, to the incognito state of the art stereo system.  All of this attention to detail and drive to make my dream reality has created the perfect ride.  That reminds me, the seats are so comfortable now; even on a 10 hour ride from New Hampshire to Maryland.  Thanks again for everything and for being there when I questions arise.
I had a guy ask me the other day when Toyota starting making this new model...ha ha ha!  Everyone that sees it is blown away.  It is perfect!
Troy & Margo

May 2009-

I've been meaning to write for quite some time but the procrastinator in me got the upper hand.
I don't have to tell how good it has been to be back in the saddle.  I had a great time running the
cruiser through our hunting grounds this past season.  She took me well beyond her former limitations
thanks to the more than capable suspension upgrade.

I have a question re. the paint color.  The cruiser sustained a nasty chip on the leading edge of the
hood that I need to address but my records are lacking the information I need to replicate a color
match.  I know through our e-mails that the color code for "dune beige" is #416 but I'm not sure
if that is a PPG or House of Color designation.  I would appreciate any info you can gather for me.

I've been following all your projects on the web site.  Your commentaries continue to enlighten and

Give my best to Hank and everyone else at the shop that remembers the "Canadian Cruiser II".  I recall
a telephone conversation we had on one occasion last year when the economy was conducive to a strong
Canadian currency.  Your comment was . . . "It's a good time to be Canadian" to which I replied . . .
"It's always good to be Canadian" . . . At the time of the conversation, however, I failed to state the reason why. It's because we live next to the greatest country in the world . . . and just a few hours drive away from
the greatest state in the greatest country in the world.

"Live Free Or Die!"


February 2008-

Tedd, I just wanted to thank you and your workers. The 40 drives great and looks even better. My mechanics said it's one of the best paint jobs they've ever seen, and while it was being inspected they had 2 people come in off the street wanting to buy it, one very insistent. The appraiser said he's never seen one like this, as did a local who's been into Land Cruisers for over 8 years. He also said it's the best riding one he's been in. He was very impressed with the job you guys did. The best way to some up my feelings on this project is with the answer to my wife's question: Do you have any regrets? I've been known to have buyer's remorse, but the answer right after it arrived, and 2 weeks later is still the same. Absolutely no regrets!

April 2008-

I can’t tell you how cool it is to see stuff being done on the truck almost right after it is done. I went to the site today and saw the new floor pans. COOOOLKen



I am compelled to write you a quick thank you note for the most professional installation of these fine ARB products. I am VERY pleased with the fit and finish of the Bull Bar, but even more so with the ride improvement afforded by the old Man Emu lift kit. This kit not only looks good, it smooths out the road and yet holds tight in the turns. I highly reccomend this application to any new FJ Cruiser owner.

Above all, Cruiser Solutions was a pleasure to deal with. Very knowlegeable of their product lines, and receptive to my needs, Cruiser Solutions paved the way to a high performance offroad machine.

Thanks again!

James F. Cote

They (aluminum body tub and parts) are at the body shop. The owner said this body is the nicest he has ever seen. 
Thanks again
Jeff, Maine
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I have been a fan of Cruiser Solutions since I learned about you
several years ago and even had the opportunity to visit your facility
 when I visited my in-laws in
Atkinson, NH
.  I was very impressed
with the quality of work and the people.  The visit and time spent
speaking with you just intensified my growing interest in FJ40's at
the time to now.

I'm very interested in acquiring and restoring one of the Core FJ40's
you have for sale using your products and services.  Before I do and
engage you more, I want to learn what I would be in for time wise and
financially.  I don't want to waste anyone's time.

Here are some of my ideas FJ40:
'76-'81 FJ
4 or 5 speed
Your aluminum tub, cowl, windshield, fenders
Saginaw power steering
2"-4" lift
as much original components as possible

I'm sure the sky's the limit as to what we can do.  I would like to
keep it original as much as possible except for the aluminum
products, lift, and power steering.

What would this entail, time and $$ wise?  I'd be very interested in
learning more.


My quest for a reliable and fun FJ40 came to a very happy ending when I met Tedd and the whole crew at Cruiser Solutions. I brought them a very rusty but mechanically sound 1978 FJ40 and they created a like-new machine with a few added goodies. I was able to follow the progress of the work which was careful and at time painstaking but the results were beyond my expectations. “Big Green” has been a head turner and source of great fun.”

Dr. Marc Cendron

I’ve recently had the pleasure of visiting Cruiser Solutions. I’ve done business for a few years now with Cruiser Solutions. I bought and aluminum tub and cowl from them. Tedd, the owner of Cruiser Solutions, invited me up to see the operation. Let me start by saying it is downright amazing. When I first walked in, I could see into the shop and I couldn’t wait to see what was in there. Most of you have probably seen the restoration pictures online and they hardly do justice to what you see up close and personal. The attention to detail is spectacular. The frames look amazing, engines you can eat off, paint jobs that make your jaw drop, and installs so clean they look factory. The Cruiser that someone gets when it is all finished, isn’t a cookie cutter Cruiser where they all look the same except a different color. Tedd and is crew will build a Cruiser the exact way you want it. I saw a beautiful 45 getting a diesel engine conversion. There was a 40 getting a complete resto and while I was there they were installing power steering. There was a 40 that had been done and was having the hardtop installed. The crew that Tedd has working for him are top notch. I spent hours in the shop talking to the guys. Brian spent hours with me going over some tips and tricks for installing my aluminum tub and cowl. Tedd has spent a lot of money on setting up a top notch shop. He recently bought a spray booth for the shop. When it all comes down to it, if you want a Cruiser that is unlike the all the rest, contact Tedd at Cruiser Solutions.

New Jersey

"I've had my 1972 FJ40 for over 20 years. It's been with me throughout all the major phases of my life, spanning homes and adventures in Seattle, New Orleans, Boston, and rural Maine. Several years ago I finally decided to part it out due to rust, mechanical wear, and simple age. Somehow I discovered Cruiser Solutions, drove out to meet Tedd, watched his operation, and realized that this labor of love was the real thing. Over a two year period, he gradually restored my FJ40 to a state not only better than its original condition, but better than I could ever have imagined. We discussed all aspects of the restoration, and I was able to see every step through digital photographs that Tedd sent me when I couldn't be there to watch the process myself. After the job was completed, he also had it inspected for me, and thoughtfully kept in touch to make sure all systems functioned properly. When I had the FJ40 formally appraised for insurance purposes, I was stopped outside the appraisal office by a young woman who asked me if Toyota was remaking its vintage LandCruiser line. When she found out she was younger than the FJ40, she was speechless. The appraiser felt the same way. Thank you Cruiser Solutions."

James Li

I think in a past life Tedd WAS a Land Cruiser.... The company is called Cruiser Solutions - It would be more appropriately named 'Cruiser Miracles' because what they did to my rust heap was nothing short of miraculous.When you do just one thing all the time you can't help but get really really good at it.This is evident in what Tedd and the boys at Cruiser Solutions do.The service and personal attention that you get with every phone call you make has you feeling that you're their only customer.Then when you get to the shop the place is humming with projects.They led me by the hand throughout the whole process.No work was done with out my approval and they were sensitive to my budget.They kept my idea of a finished product in mind and never tried to 'sell' me anything I didn't need.All of this made and continues to make restoring my Land Cruiser a pleasant experience.I would and do recommend Cruiser Solutions to everyone that asks me 'who did it?' and believe me it happens all the time.

Keith Roberts

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your hard work and for your friendship. It is rare in this day and age to find a company like yours where client relations and attention to detail are paramount. From the first phone call I made inquiring about my FJ60, I could tell I wanted to do business with you. The truck is sweet and I get compliments on it wherever I take it. Also, your offer to call you day or night, weekend or weekday, with questions or problems was sincere and honest and true to your word. I really appreciate that. Cruiser Solutions is definitely a company I would recommend to anyone thinking about buying a Toyota Land Cruiser. The trucks you guys put out are beautiful and your professionalism is head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks again Tedd.
Best regards,

Nantucket, MA

Thanks, Joe, PA
Tedd, I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner.  I just haven't been able to wrench myself away
from the cruiser.  If not for Linda dragging me away from it at bed time I would have been sleeping
in it for the past six nights.
Delivery day was a surrealistic experience for me.  I won't even get into the historic significance
this vehicle carries for me (it's hard to believe how attached one can become to an inanimate object).
I am fortunate to have such an understanding family (I'm glad you were able to meet some of the
most important people in my life).
The drive home proved the cruiser was finally all it could be and, as warned, it attracted admiring
crowds everywhere we stopped.  The weather, although quite miserable, was no challenge for the
truck in terms of handling and performance.  Monday morning at the shop was great.  It's so much fun to look at and talk Cruisers but,
since there was not much time to concentrate on PDI with respect to the BJ42, I hope you won't
mind if I check in with you or Hank periodically as I come across any issues pertinent to the restoration. 
Last but not least . . . thanks for all the goodies I found in the glove box as well as in the rubber
container in the back.  It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.  The T-shirt looks great! and
I'm sure the tire plug kit will come in handy on the trail.  A special thanks to Hank for the map
book!  It was a perfect tool with which Linda practised her impeccable navigational skills on the
journey home.  Speaking of journeys, Linda and I want all of you at Cruiser Solutions to know
that there will always be a welcome mat at your feet in Maple if anyone should be travelling in or
through Ontario.
Thanks for everything,
Gabe & Linda

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