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Engine building and re-building has been an important part of our business since 1992. Let's face it, engines don't last forever, so that is why we visit the machine shop every so often. Engines are funny things, one day they run, the next they don't. Why this is always has an answer. Many Land Cruiser owners are great with the maintenance and up-keep of their engines. However, even the best maintained engine can have a catastrophic failure. This is when an engine rebuild (or V8 swap...:) comes into play. Many customers opt for the former and this is when our machine shop friends enter into the process. We have learned a great deal over the years as to what works best for an engine rebuild/overhaul. There are no "short cuts" to the rebuilding process of a Land Cruiser engine. Here is a tour of the facility that we like using the best...because they are The Best.

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