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Restoration: 1983 HJ47

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The Story

Cruiser Solutions purchased this Land Cruiser in the fall of 2002 from Rick H. whom brought it into the states from Botswana Africa. Rick purchased it while doing peace work in Botswana back in the mid 1980's. Rick had fallen in love with this vehicle so much so that he asked the original owner if he might be able to purchase it. The HJ47 was originally used to gather supplies between South Africa and Botswana. Rick drove it around Southern Africa for a few years. The Land Cruiser provided transportation which enabled him to visit sections of the Kalahari Desert that were otherwise unreachable by foot. Rick returned to the states, with his beloved HJ, through the port of Oakland California. There he learned that he was required to pass all inspection with-in 10 days or the Cruiser would be destroyed! He spent a great deal of $ doing this and it did pass. He then made another great journey across the United States to later settle in Maine. I met Rick in the early 1990's. Our common affection for Cruisers kept us in touch with one another. Rick reluctantly sold me the Cruiser with the desire to see it restored to its "glory days" condition. I have tried to be true to this request.

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