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FJ40 Aluminum Body Tub (No Cowl) 1979 and newer

FJ40 Aluminum Body Tub (No Cowl) 1979 and newer


The 1979 and After Aluminum Body Tub does NOT include the cowl section. (see the Aluminum Cowl) The tub does however address the entire rear section, from the factory seam on the floor, 3" back from the "toe board"(45 degree angle on the fire wall). Or where the rocker panel (the section right under the front doors) transitions into the door post (where the hinges for the front door mount). Your old steel tub is cut away here leaving 3" of old floor for the Aluminum Tub to over lap and bolt to. The Aluminum Tub will then "abut" the base of the "toe baord"/45 degree angled steel cowl. The floors will be bolted together The end of the Aluminum Tub's rocker panel, constructed of 1/4" T6 Aluminum, will then bolt to the door post (where the hinges to the front doors are). That is how the Aluminum Body is bolted to the steel cowl. They are as one when bolted....believe me....we have have sold and installed 100's of Aluminum Tubs in the past 15 years! Please call or email with more specific questions...:)


  • Model: LCS8012
  • Shipping Weight: 275lbs

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 15 June, 2006.

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