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1978 FJ40

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1978 FJ40

SOLD 1978 FJ40-   This Land Cruiser is being sold as a good candidate for a full restoration. Every-once-in-a-while we get in Land Cruiser's that are in poor enough condition not to drive and good enough condition to restore.....this is one of those Land Cruiser's. First is does require another frame be installed/purchased. The body tub will need to be replaced with either our Aluminum Body or the custom built steel body. Other than that most of the parts are in decent condition for restoration. The hardtop sides are in very good condition. Over-all the Land Cruiser has all the stock items--jump seats, front buckets seats, stock dash items and the engine is all original with all the emissions still in tact.  The more we spend time looking at this Land cruiser the better it gets.  The interior is in VERY good to excellent condition and is 90% original.  This is a nice complete Land Cruiser to start a thorough restoration on. PRICE- $3,499.00
SOLD-- 8/28/2012

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