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Restoration: 1977 FJ40

Restoration: 1977 FJ40

Thursday July 7, 2005

The restoration process starts again here at Cruiser Solutions. This 1977 FJ40 Land Cruiser was brought to us as a restoration started by the current customer, but after having spent some time in our new facility he dicided that the best thing for him to do was to bring the Land Cruiser to us to complete what he had started. That was okay with us! The vision here will be a complete Aluminum Cowl and Body Tub. As well as many other new body components; NEW TOYOTA HOOD, New Toyota Front Fenders, Aluminum Grill, Tailgate, and 1/2 Doors. To top it off a Specialty Soft Top. This Cruiser will ultimately Cruiser the sandy beaches of Cape Cod so Line-X'ing will be in the process too.

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