Restoration 1978 3B Diesel Conversion

September 3, 2009-  VIDEO UPDATES- WOW that AXT Turbo is going in nicely!  What else is happing here…Maggiolina Tent has arrive, Wilderness Roof Rack has arrive, custom radiator, GM 145 Volt alternator install and more! August 27, 2009- We are really pushing forward with this restoration.  We have received many new parts for this Cruiser over the past few weeks.  The best part is the new AXT Turbo for the 3B deisel engine.  Watch as we install this turbo as well as many other accessories as we sprint to finish this Cruiser! July 24, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- Much has been done in the last few weeks.  We have mounted and installed the new BFG AT 33×10.50×15 wheels and they fantastic.  They are the perfect size for the Cruiser.  It is also great to see the Cruiser color of tan and the Line-x color of black against the nbew wheels of silver and black.  We have also started installing the Autometer custom gages.  The steering column is in and we are waiting fro the Grant Steering Wheel to arrive. July 2nd, 2009- It has been a while since we last wrote about this restoration even though work has taken place.  We are making great headway with this project with many parts being bolted onto and into this Cruiser.  We are also working toward getting the diesel engine running with much wiring and routing of fuel lines and a new Saddle Fuel Tank. March 11, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- The hood and hardtop sides are in paint color and look great. The front end of the Cruiser has been installed and looks great.  Many of the smaller items are being installed back into the Cruiser. February 25, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- The 3B diesel engine has been installed as well as the body tub.  Also, the front nose is being installed.  It is looking more like a Land Cruiser by the hour.  February 24, 2009- VIDEO UPDATEs-  The frame and body tub are one!  The suspension has been installed and stainless steel brake and fuel lines are being installed. February 17, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- More parts are headed into paint color! February 16, 2009- Video Updates- Parts are being shot in paint color.  Watch as many of the major steel parts are placed into color.   February 3, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- A great deal of prep work has gone into the steel parts on this Cruiser.  Many of the parts sit in primer and the body tub is being worked on.  The frame is being sand blasted and goes into galvinization soon. January 21, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We have taken this Cruiser down to smaller pieces and sections.  The frame has been prepped and the new engine mounts for the diesel engine are being welded in.  The body parts are being stripped of paint and prepped for body work.  The Cruiser will remain it’s original color of TAN.  Watch as we move toward Line’X and paint color soon. December 23, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES-  The work has commenced on this nice FJ40 Land Cruiser.  It is very very clean and free of any rust.  It is a good candidate for a stock restoration (body wise).  Watch as the work begins!  August 28, 2008-  This 1978 FJ40 is in very good over all condition and will be an excellent restoration project here at Cruiser Solutions.  Our customer flew in last week to discuss the finer details of the restoration as well as tour our facility to become farmiliar with us here. It was decided that an engine conversion was the path to take. We have procured a very nice 3B diesel engine, as well as an H55F transmission, for this project.  The list of items to be installed are as follows- Autometer Gauge Kit, Custom Seats, Dakar Suspension, Power Steering Conversion, Line-X, Galvinizing the frame and more.  Watch as this project goes forward.