Restoration 1989 FJ62

February 1, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- We are at a stand still with a 3rd gear issue…a bad synchro…:( But that will not stop us….new parts are on the way. January 7, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- We push towards the end of this unique converstion. The long range fuel tank and roof rack have been installed. Last to be installed will be custom exhaust. November 14, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES…FINALLY- We apologize to all for the long delay between video updates. Many technical problems with our computer and server have been resolved! We have completed the body tub rust work at the customer’s request. We dealt with the rust on the front driver’s door and rear 1/4 panel. Steel was welded in, body work was done, and paint was applied. It looks great and much cleaner now. Watch as we install the fuel tank next! August 22, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- It’s ALIVE!! After much wiring the 12HT Diesel runs! And yes it run great, smooth, at the flick of the key, this engine started right up. August 18, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- The motor mounts for this engine have been welded in and the front of the engine now sits on it’s own. As with all engine converstions there are many small details to making the whole process go smoothly. Such as the custom installation of the new clutch peddle, clutch master, and clutch line. We installed these items and they look very stock under that dash and on the firewall. We are also installing the radiator that came with the engine. The top outlet of the radiator is different from that of a 3FE engine. We are also working to convert this froma 24 volt to a 12 volt system. We have a few relays and other parts coming from Canada for this conversion. The starter is being rebuilt locally. May 8, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- The old gas engine and driveline has been removed. The "new" diesel engine has been installed. The engine and driveline fit well into this FJ62. We still have to fabricate front motor mounts and rear tranny mounts. Once this is done we will move to wiring and drive shaft issues. May 1 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- We are back on this great restoration convertion project. The diesel engine has arived and it will be a 12HT Toyota Diesel engine for this Cruiser. We will be pulling the engine and driveline to begin the process. We will also remove the front suspension so that the new motor will be easily placed into the Cruiser. This will allow us to locate the engine in the compartment without having to pull in in and out using a engine lift. January 23, 2007- Restoration/Engine Conversion FJ62: This Land Cruiser was brought directly to Cruiser Solutions soon after the owner purchased it. This Land Cruiser will have a number of things done to it. The largest item will be to convert the gas engine over to a Toyota 12HT Diesel engine. This conversion will take some effort as we will have to re-wire part of the wiring harness, install a clutch peddle, fabricate all new motor and tranny mounts, as well as a few other issues that will arise. However, the end result will be a very unique Land Cruiser with better fuel mileage and more torque. We are also going to be rebuilding the front axle which most Land Cruiser’s of this age require.