Restoration: FJ45 Land Cruiser


Restoration: FJ45 Land Cruiser

April 5, 2011- 

We are working little by little on this long awaited FJ45 restoration.  Watch as we slowly bring this unique Land Cruiser back to it’s glory days on Hawaii.

Tuesday December 7, 2004


We jump into a restoration that we have wanted to do for close to 15 years. This particular Land Cruiser has a very unique story. It begins in Hawaii with the Dole Pineapple Co.(DPC). There this FJ45 was bought by the DPC as a true work vehicle carrying pineapples to and from the fields. We have seen pictures of this Land Cruiser with its pickup bed overflowing with pineapples taken in the late 1960’s. Somehow it was brought to the west coast and ultimately ended up in the hands of an old Land Cruiser enthusiast named John Lancaster of New Hampshire. I somehow got wind of it, visited, and took pictures of it in storage back in 1992. It was sold to a fellow who turned around sold it to another person, whom was a cutomer of ours. That was the shortened version of how we ended up with the restoration of this storied Cruiser. We have posted pictures below of our first encounter with this FJ45. We will restore parts of this Cruiser. The current owner will ultimately piece the Cruiser back together over the winter of 2005. He also owns an FJ62 and an early model FJ40..all original…:)