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1979 HJ45 Troop Carrier

1979 HJ45 Troop Carrier

SOLD-- 1979 HJ45 Troop Carrier. Cruiser Solutions has purchased this unique and hard to source 11 Passenger Troop Carrier and would like to sell and restore it for a willing customer. We feel that the Troop Carrier Series is the ULTIMATE Land Cruiser for expedition use, utility minded owners wanting unique transportation and/or just fun family weekend outings. This Troop Carrier has an excellent frame (typical), but a poor steel body (also typical). The hardtop and doors are actually in good condition. They will require limited steel fabrication, but are in good condition to do so. It sports the H diesel engine and stock 4 speed transmission. It is right hand steering as well. Drum brakes fore and aft is standard here as well. We are including a set of very good original seats- fronts 30/70 buckets (3 passenger) and rear full bench seats (8 passenger). This Land Cruiser deserves a full restoration buy the purchaser. SOLD-- 2/25/2015 For Full Restoration @ Cruiser Solutions--See Restoration Page SOLD--PRICE- $10,500.00 REDUCED!!- $8,995.00

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