1978 BJ40- V8 Conversion.

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1980 FJ45 Troop Carrier

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1965 FJ45LV

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Current & Past Restorations

"Established in 1992, Cruiser Solutions provides bespoke Land Cruisers to adventurous individuals and families that appreciate unique forms of transportation."
President Cruiser Solutions

FJ62 Paint Finish and Interior

Restoration FJ62- Original Owner

1983 Crew Cab to Troop Carrier Restoration

Restoration 1964 FJ45LV

Restoration 1976 FJ40 – Ranch Cruiser

Restoration 1984 FJ60 Diesel Conversion

BJ40 FULL Restoration

Restoration 1976 FJ55 Legacy

Restoration 1989 FJ62

1971 FJ40 Aluminum Tub Installation & OME

Restoration 1979 FJ40 Frame Swap and Galvanization Coating

Restoration FJ40 1976

1997 FZJ80 Series Interior Updates

FJ60 Paint Finish

Restoration 1986 FJ60

Restoration 1978 FJ40

Restoration 1978 FJ55

Restoration 1976 FJ40- Aluminum Tub and Cowl

Restoration 1987 FJ60 Frame Replacement

Restoration 1997 FZJ80 40th Edition

Restoration 1981- FJ40 Used Steel Tub

Restoration 1981- FJ40 Frame and Aluminum Tub

Restoration 1984 FJ60 CA to Italy

Restoration 1977 FJ40 John Deere

1972 FJ40 Service Work

1973 FJ40 Service

Restoration 1986 FJ60 Frame Replacement

Service- 1989 FJ62

Restoration 1964 FJ45LV

Restoration 1981- FJ40

Restoration 1979 Troop Carrier

1985 FJ60 Rust Repair

1976 FJ40- Chevrolet V8 Restoration

1983 FJ45 Troop Carrier

Frame Replacement FJ60

Frame Restoration FJ40

Restoration 1977 FJ40

Restoration 1974 FJ40 Fiberglass Tub-V8

Service- 1985 BJ60- Florida

Service- 1976 FJ40 LS1 V8

Restoration 1967- FJ40

Restoration 1978 FJ40- #2

1979 Troop Carrier- Globe Trekker

Restoration 1973 FJ40 Chevy 350 V8

Restoration 1974 FJ40 Chevy 350 V8

Restoration 1979 Troop Carrier

Restoration 1976 FJ40- Previous Customer

Restoration 1979- Only 1,174 Original Miles!

Restoration 1983 FJ40 LX

Restoration 1987 FJ60- California

Restoration 1992 FJ80- ARB Products Installation

Restoration BJ42 LX- Italy

Restoration FJ40 1978- Barn Cruiser

Restoration FJ40 1982- Original Body

Restoration FJ40 Factory Soft Top Bows

Service- 1979 FJ40 Brooklyn, NY

1987 FJ60- Diesel Conversion

Past Restoration- Now V8 Conversion

Restoration 1978 13BT Diesel Conversion

Restoration 1978 3B Diesel Conversion

Restoration: FJ45 Land Cruiser

Restoration 1978 FJ40- Pumpkin

Restoration 1973- ORIGINAL OWNER

FJ62 Service Work

Restoration 1978 BJ43- Upgrades

Restoration 1976 FJ40 Engine Rebuild

Frame Swap 1979 FJ40

Restoration 1980 BJ40- Martha’s Vineyard Cruiser

Restoration 1990 FJ62

New Zealand to Nantucket FJ40

Restoration 1993 FZJ80

Restoration 1974 FJ40 2F Engine Fuel Injection

Restoration 1994 FZJ80 1HZ Diesel Conversion

Restoration 1996 FZJ80

Restoration HJ44 Nantucket Cruiser

Restoration 1973 FJ40- Upgrades

Restoration 1974 FJ40

ARB Rear Bumper- Custom Paint

Restoration 1978 “Hi Sweetie”

Restoration 1978- Aluminum Tub- GM V8 Ram Jet!

Restoration FJ40 Jump Seats

Restoration 1983 FJ40- Nantucket Island

Restoration 1983 Troop Carrier

1996 FZJ80 Service Work-

1978 FJ40 ARB Air Locker and Axle Restoration

Restoration 1978 FJ40

Restoration 1978 FJ40

Restoration: 1983 HJ47

Restoration: 1980 FJ40

Restoration 1981 FJ40

Restoration 1987 FJ60

FJ40- Service

Restoration 1972 FJ40

Restoration 1979

Restoration 1988 FJ62

Service- Front End

FJ Trail Team

FJ Cruiser TRD- OME & ARB Bull Bar Installation

Restoration: 1967 FJ45L

Restoration 1987 FJ60 Canadian

Restoration 1982 BJ42- Canadian Cruiser II

Restoration 1971 FJ40- Canadian V8

Restoration 1988 Nantucket FJ62

Restoration: FJ45

FJ Cruiser Bull Bar Installation

FJ60 Diesel Conversion- 2F to 2H

Restoration 1965 FJ40….Original

Restoration D90 Land Rover 1994

Restoration 1989 FJ62

Restoration 1969 FJ40

Restoration 1974/78 FJ40

FJ Cruiser Bull Bar & old Man Emu Installation

2008 FJ Cruiser

FJ Cruiser ARB Roof Rack

Restoration Completed January 2007

Restoration: 1971 FJ40

Restoration: 1977 FJ40

Restoration: 1978 FJ40

Restoration: 1977 FJ40

Restoration: 1979 FJ40

Restoration: 1981 FJ40

Restoration: Canadian Cruiser

Collision Restoration 1967 FJ40

Restoration: Engine Rebuild