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1983 HJ47 Crew Cab

1983 HJ47 Crew Cab

1983 Crew Cab HJ47. SOLD- This Land Cruiser was designed and used for mining in Australia and we offer it here at Cruiser Solutions for sale and possible restoration. This crew cab has it's issues with rust in the rocker panels and a dented front RH fender. It might be nice to convert this crew cab back to a true Troop Carrier type of HJ47. This would be achieved with our Aluminum Troop Carrier Body Tub. Either retain the original cowl or purchase our Aluminum Cowl as well as tub. It is a RH steer vehicle, but with an All Aluminum update the conversion to LH steer could easily occur. Either way this is a nice CORE Land Cruiser to start with. The frame is EXCELLENT! The 2H diesel also runs smooth. SOLD PRICE- $14,500.00 SOLD 7/30/2015

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