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Cruiser MOAB 2007

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Cruiser MOAB 2007

Cruiser Moab Adventure 2007- May 4th, 2007- 2pm- We have arrived in MOAB. The weather is perfect. We are going to hunt for fellow Land Cruiser owners on the trail. We may even get a run in ourselves. May 4th, 2007- Day 2 of the adventure. We arrived in Denver and were going to rent a Land Cruiser but that fell through...:( So we ended up renting a ......Hummer....;) Okay, let's get this out of the way...we do feel very guilty about renting this particular vehicle. It goes against our every fiber, philosophy, natural path, biology, logic, way of life. Yes, it is obscene, graphic, obnoxious, and yes...huge. But, for some reason Ned and I kind it. Enough of that. Please bear with the transport vehicle for now. We will have plenty of Land Cruiser footage at Moab...later today. We did see a fellow Land Cruiser owner on I70, I think it might have been Chris Slee. Look for more great footage. Coffee at Starbucks has only been okay...I miss my daily coffee at BeanTowne Coffe in Hamsptea, NH...:) Weather- cloudy, 59 degrees. Introduction- Let me start by stating that this adventure was conjured up by Ned on April 12, 2007. Ned walked into my office to make a proposal. "Want to go to Moab for the yearly Land Cruiser event, Cruise Moab?" Now a little history is important here. Ned is an engineer who builds, restores and designs railroads for a living. Ned attended Phillips Andover Academy and graduated with George Bush in 1964. He went on to attend Virginia Military Institute (VMI) which brought him into the Army and ultimately a tour of Vietnam from '69-'70. Ned served in the Army until 1988. 1988 is the year I met Ned, in his mother's driveway working on his blue 1979 FJ40. I had my beige 1978 FJ40 at the time. That day we talked a bit, obviously about Land Cruisers. Soon after Ned moved to Colorado without my knowledge. Ten years later I met and made another Land Cruiser friend, George. George walked into my barn looking for Land Cruiser parts for a Land Cruiser he had just purchased. I sold him some parts that day. He continued to return for parts over the next year or so. George would often talk about his brother in Kentucky, whom was an avid Land Cruiser owner. Later I found that George's brother was in fact Ned. Soon after, Ned moved back to Massachusetts. George and Ned became fast "fixtures" here at Cruiser Solutions with many visits to the shop, parts runs for each other's Land Cruiser, and every once in a while they would stay for lunch or dinner and we would talk Land Cruisers. Ned and George went on a cross country trip of their own a few years ago that I documented on this website as-- Ned and George's Big Adventure. They drove Ned's 1996 FZJ80 throughout the West. Two brothers contected by a common affection for Land Cruuisers...and me in the middle. Sadly, George passed away 2 years ago. So, when Ned walked into my office and offered up an adventure that George would have definitely said yes too, I could not resist the urge to accept Ned's offer with George in mind. So, it is with great enthusiasm that Ned and I (Tedd) strike out on an adventure. Watch for updates of Ned and Tedd's Great Adventure 2007 starting May 3rd.

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