1978 FJ40 ARB Air Locker and Axle Restoration

June 27, 2007- These axles were sent to Cruiser Solutions for restoration and the installation of ARB Air Lockers, front and rear. The process starts with sand blasting of both axles. We then dis-assembled the front axle and installed all top quality Toyota seals, gaskets, bearings, and brake parts. Front axles often are overlooked when a restoration takes place. The wiper seals are the first things to go on an old Land Cruiser axle. The ARB Air Locker is then installed into the 3rd member which is then installed back into the axle housing. The axle is then painted….glossy black. The same process occurs for the rear axle. The result, a "new" set of axles for your Land Cruiser. The gearing was left stock…4.11, however, new Carrier Bearings were installed with the new ARB Air Locker.