1979 Troop Carrier- Globe Trekker

January 24, 2011- VIDEO UPDATES- We really have made some great changes to this Land Cruiser Troop Carrier.  It now sports an all NEW 2H diesel engine..yes NEW.  We found a brand new 2H lower end a few months ago and have used it for this project.  January 14, 2011-  VIDEO UPDATES- December 2, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- The custom leather seats have been installed and so much more. November 24, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- We have Line-X that has been applied to the interior as well as the engine compartment. The Line-X has been colorized and matches the Cruiser’s Tan color.  Line-X uses a Dupont color system to match as well as Kevlar in the mix to give extra bonding.  November 15, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- We have this Cruiser back for many updates.  Watch in the videos as we remove the engine and drive line for a NEW 2H diesel engine and NEW H55F transmission.  We will also be installing a set of 4 custom designed buckets seats made of Rawlings Leather, Line-x’ing the interior as well as the engine compartment, a spare fuel tank, and so much more. August 16, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- We have installed the new Old Man Emu/Dakar Suspension Kit on this Land Cruiser.  Also it sports new tires and rims….Hankook AT 33" mounted on Cruiser Solutions’ custom made steel rims.  This Troop Carrier is being test driven around coastal Maine this Summer before it returns to us for it’s major over-haul and big trip.  It has been decided that a new 2H diesel will be install for this adventure.  Watch as work starts this Fall. 1979 Troop Carrier- Globe Trekker- This Troop Carrier will be a fun project for us and the customer.  Initially we will make a few important suspension upgrades as well as a few necessary driveline maintanance enhancements to this Cruiser.  We continue to be impressed with the over all condition of this Troop Carrier.  It has very little rust, wear and tear or signs that it was ever abused or used harshly.  Watch as we now perform work on this Cruiser to have it return later this Summer for it’s "big" overhall.  Ultimately this Land Cruiser will travel the globe- North to South Ameica, Africa and in between.