1996 FZJ80 Service Work-

This very nice FZJ80 comes to Cruiser Solutions for a new Ring and Pinion installation as well as a front axle rebuild. We will be installing 4.88 gears to solve the transmission shifting issue. What is the issue? When 80 Series owner’s place "larger-than-life" size tires under their Cruiser’s, it causes a shifting issue with the automatic transmission in the overdrive setting. The transmission is constantly shifting between gears at highway speeds. To solve this, 4.88 gears are often selected to gear the system down to allow the tranny to get into OD. This Cruiser has the electric lockers as well. When doing this gear swap the rear axle requires that new shims/washers are used for the carrier bearings. Now there are 23 different choices for this part! Yeah, that many. They are dificult to find and a dealer only item. So be aware of this issue if you decide to go this route.