Collision Restoration 1967 FJ40

February 19, 2007- The work has been completed! However, not before we found an issue with the front LH Old Man Emu leaf spring. Take a close look at the picture. One of the leafs is badly bent/twisted which would cause the Cruiser to steer and track to the left. It was decided to replace this leaf, as well as the RH leaf, to allow for straight steering/tracking. We also welded up the rear leaf srping gusset that was damaged in the accident. This Cruiser is now back in service in Vermont. Thanks for allowing Cruiser Solutions to fix your Cruiser Dan!! February 13, 2007- The parts are all in paint and are being bolted back on. Matching the paint proved to be very difficult. There were 2 shades of tan on this Cruiser. We came fairly close. It looks very good as it all goes together. Try to have it back up to Vermont by the weekend!! February 9, 2007- It goes back together today. The hardtop is placed on. The tub and cowl have been painted. The rest of the “small” parts await paint in the booth and will be in color by the end of the day. Watch next week as it all comes back together! February 7, 2007- We are headed to the finish line with trying to get this Cruiser into paint color. To get the exact color match is proving to be difficult. However, we did get the color as of this afternoon and will be shooting paint tomorrow. Stay tuned in for that! February 2, 2007- The hardtop is almost complete. Much attention has been given to the bent-up section that we had to cut out and replace. The front flange that bolts to the top of the windshield frame was also in need of restoration…not from the accident, but from poor quality adhesion of the flange to the fiberglass portion of the hardtop. But this is in good shape now. We move onto the front door. That hardtop will go back on next week. January 29, 2007- We press forward on this project with hardtop work. Note the new steel rain gutter section. It was sandblasted and will be riveted and welded into place. We have also completed the roll cage installation at the customer’s request. It looks great,kind of stock. The new front bumper was also installed today. January 24, 2007- The roll cage was slightly altered(side hoop shortened) to allow for the seat brackets to better mount to the quarter panel. We have removed the upholstrey so as to have no damage to the material. Today we will also start on the hardtop fiberglass section repair. January 23, 2007- Update- We continue with work to bring this Cruiser back to it’s former glory. The decision has been made to add a proptective stock roll cage to this Cruiser. A good decision. January 9,2007- This Cruiser was delivered to Cruiser Solutions right after the new year 2007 via Vermont. The Cruiser has already been through a restoration, however after an accident the Cruiser warrants work again…:( The Cruiser slowly rolled over onto the driver’s side causing damage to many components. The list of items that have to be worked on are; front fender, windshield frame, front door, hardtop, rocker and rear quarter panel, and a rear leaf spring gusset. The Cruiser deserves to be returned to it’s former glory and we will be good stewards to this process.