New Zealand to Nantucket FJ40

May 26, 2009- VIDEO UPDATE- This Cruiser is just about ready to ship.  But, as Land Cruiser’s often do this one has tested our patience for running.  We found last Friday that the carburetor was just not up to it.  So we have a new carb on it’s way from the west coast for installation.  We hope to deliver this Cruiser for the weekend!!!  May 20, 2009-  VIDEO UPDATES- A stock radio has been found.  The brakes are being worked on and we are shooting for a weekend delivery….we hope. May 15, 2009- VIDEO UPDATE- We are 98% completed.  Looking to complete the Cruiiser for next weekend. May 7, 2009-  Many VIDEO UIPDATES- Much has been done to this project over the past month or so.  We have been working hard to complete this Cruiser on budget, but we are finding a few items that really need to be addressed.  We have been given the "go ahead" to resolve any electrical and mechanical issues with this Cruiser.  The final product will be a reliable and great looking Cruiser for Summer use on Nantucket Island.  March 27, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- More GREEN color has been applied today. March 26, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We have been working on steel fabrication, grinding and sand blasting over the past few days.  We are working toward primer and ultimately paint. February 17, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- This Land Cruiser originates from New Zealand.  It was imported to the US and lives it’s life on Nantucket Island off of the coast of Cape Cod, MA.  The VIN tag reads that it is in fact an FJ40.  It does have a gas engine, but also has a right hand steering arrangement.  This makes it unique.  Watch as we provide a full and complete paint job to this Land Cruiser.  We will also replace a number of worn out items and upgrade a few.