Restoration 1972 FJ40

April 26, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- FINALLY we have posted the last video of this great restoration. Watch as we go through the Cruiser and display the final product. We thank you Charles for this wonderful restoration of your beloved Land Cruiser! February 1, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- The front bumper is on, the winch is installed, and we head to the final home stretch. Janury 24, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- The exhaust system has been installed and the front bumper is in paint color…black. We are close to the completion of this great Land Cruiser. January 22, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- The front bumper has been custom built and sits on the frame. The Cruiser will have the exhaust system installed today….look for video of that soon. January 11, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- The tinted windows have been installed. The engine is just about 100% ready to go and we do an initial start-up of the Cruiser with the open header….and it runs great! January 8, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- The header has been installed and we move forward to get the engine running! January 7, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- The details are being worked out on this long restoration project. Many of the smaller items that we have been waiting on have arrived and are being installed. This will ultimately push the restoration to completion. November 14, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES…FINALLY- We apologize to all for the long delay between video updates. Many technical problems with our computer and server have been resolved! Now, the front bucket seats and rear jump seats and have upholstered and look better than new. The Cruiser waits for a few weatherstrips that are on back order. October 19, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- We are working on the front door build and installation. These front doors look and act like new. The window cranks had a few issues where when we tried to roll the window up it would skip past a few teeth on the gear, so we have selected a used set of door window cranks to replace the damaged ones. New window felts give the window a new look and feel. We also are getting ready for the front seat upholstery with the painting of the seat brackets. October 12, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- It really begins to look like a Land Cruiser now that we have installed the hardtop. We continue to install many smaller parts that are difficult to video, though we will try to as we move forward and it becomes increasingly challenging to find "big" changes in the restoration. Yeah, we still have the doors to be installed, but watch for more detailed videos as we move closer to the end….enjoy. October 11, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- A few questions about a replacement dash were asked by the customer, so we have posted a video to answer that question. Hope it helps…:) October 10, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- The front nose goes together with the front fenders, aprons, and hood. Now it looks like a Land Cruiser once again. The hardtop is being assembled and will soon be installed on the tub. We have some detailed video of smaller parts too. October 8, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- We’ve made a great deal of progress this past week with the hardtop and frame and body tub. The hardtop, or the steel rain gutter and fiberglass top portion, were in fair condition. But after sandblasting and light body work they will look better than new. This rain gutter is often over looked in a restoration, but not with us. Each rivit, and there are over 100, is removed and the steel gutter is separated away from the fiberglass top. This allows for a full sandblasting of the gutter. Watch as we take this process and make the top better than new. Also, look for the tub and cowl to go back onto the frame…exciting stuff!!(you’ll see in the videos) October 2, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- The body tub goes into paint color. Look for engine paint updates soon! September 24, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- The frame is looking good with sandblasting and new paint. September 14, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- Work moves right along with sand blasting of the frame and painting color on many parts. Line-X’ing of the tub, cowl and many parts is also complete. September 7, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- Many things being done here this week. Cowl sand blasting, cowl fabrication, cowl body work, cowl prime, small parts sand blasted, primed and painted, soon to be frame work. Hood work….oh so much to do! August 31, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- The cowl has now been removed from the tub and is being sandblasted. The cowl has very little rust and will required limited steel work….only a slight bit at the LH floor section. August 30, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- The cowl is cut away from the old steel tub and will be restored and bolted to the new Aluminum Tub. Watch as we seperate the two units. August 29, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- Work has commenced on this FJ40. We are in the process of doing two things at once–the taking apart process and the prep of the new Aluminum Body Tub and various other parts. Overall this Cruiser is very complete and original. Yes, it does need a new Aluminum Tub, but many of the other items can be restored and re-installed. June 27, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- This Land Cruiser just arrived from Kentucky via Intercity Lines Auto Transportation Co. for a Cruiser Solutions restoration. This 1972 all original Land Cruiser is in very good condition over-all. Note the rusted sections on the rear quarter panels. We will be discussing the scope of this project with the customer in the next few days.