Restoration 1973 FJ40- Upgrades

May 6, 2009- VIDEO UPDATE- This Cruiser has been completed and shipped back to Ohio via Intercity Lines for Summer time fun!  We appreciate the customer sending us the Cruiser for the work we completed on the Cruiser.  March 26, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We have been working on the Aluminum 1/2 Door custom door panels and speakers.  We have created a door panel out of PVC plastic.  Watch as we assemble this door panel.  We have also installed front speakers.  February 24, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- The new wheels, BFG Mud KM2’s 33×10.50×15 have been mounted.  The new BLACK Full Bikini Top has been installed. February 17, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- The new Full Bikini Tops has been installed and looks great.  We hope the customer likes the colors selection?  February 16, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- The custom front bumper is in paint color.  The Aluminum 1/2 Doors are in paint color.  We will also create a set of door panels for the Aluminum Doors.  The full bikini top has been created and we will video of that up soon! January 21, 2009- VIDEO UPDATE- We have painted the rims as well as a few other parts a dark GRAY color.  Look for the installation of the roll cage as well as a custom designed full Bikini Top for Summer time use.  December 5, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- The roll cage has been created!  November 12, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- The engine’s head is back on. October 14, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE-  We have found that this Cruiser’s engine will require a head gasket…:( October 7, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- We have been asked to install the following components: power steering, new brakes all around, family roll cage, new shackles, Tuffy Center Console, new tires and rims, frame repair, as well as other small repairs.  This Cruiser has one of our Alumunim Body Tubs and has been fairly well restored by someone, not the current owner.  We have been commissioned to bring this Cruiser up to our standards.  Watch as we work through the issues to make this a nice Cruiser for the roads and trails of Vermont!