Restoration 1973- ORIGINAL OWNER

March 12, 2010- Looks like we are just about there.  The new classic looking soft top looks great! January 15, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- We have Line-x’ed the tub, cowl and front fenders….now it is off to paint!  Over the next 2 weeks watch as this great stock original Cruiser goes back together.  It is going to look amazing! January 8, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- We continue to make progress with this classic Land Cruiser.  Many small items have been restored such as the stock factory soft top bows.  These bows are difficult to find, but all of them are present with this Cruiser and we have brought them back to their original glory with fresh paint to match the body color as well as the silver color loacted throughout the Cruiser.  We are moving forward with the Aluminum Tub prep for Line-X.  Once all the items are in Line-X and ultimately in paint color this Land Cruiser will go back together fairly quickly.  All parts are ready for bolting back on the Cruiser.  We spoke with the customer and it was decided that the soft top will be done in a TAN color! This will look GREAT! October 16, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We have made great progress with the frame and driveline of this Land Cruiser.  Most all the parts associated with the two items have been restored in some fashion.  So we have brought the two back together and now have a rolling chassy with the driveline re-installed and it looks better than new!  We have also started to assemble aprons and grill with gaskets, badges, etc.   August 27, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES-  We have really taken this Cruiser apart in the last few weeks.  We have taken everything off of the frame and have started the restoration process.  Many parts have been sandblasted and painted.  We have made a decision with the customer that an Aluminum Body Tub would be the best process for the Cruiser.  Why?  Too much rust in the original tub.  We are returning many of the original parts back to the factory color scheme.  August 6, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES-  Work has commenced on this Land Cruiser for it’s full restoration.  As we disassembled this Cruiser we have found many good parts and a few rough parts which is typical for most restorations.  The body is a bit rougher than we anticipated, but it is not a "show stopper."  We will elect to do steel replacement parts for the bad sections of the tub.  We feel it is important to make this restoration as close to "original as possible" for the original owner of this Cruiser.  This 1973 comes to us from the state of Rhode Island.  This Land Cruiser was purchased back in 1973 and has been under the same ownership since that day it drove off of the dealership’s lot!  It looks as though it has placed into a time capsule with no alterations what so ever since 1973.  Yeah, the tires have been swapped, but other than that it appears to be all original!  Yes, that is an original soft top and full soft doors!    We are going to bring this Cruiser back to showroom condition.  This restoration came to us from a referal of a past restoration customer….thank you Scott!  Now on with the restoration!