Restoration 1974 FJ40

May 7, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES-  One of the last items to be installed on this project will be an Air Conditioning Unit by Vintage Air.  That has been completed and we have shipped the Cruiser today via Intercity Lines back to Georgia.  We want to extend out thanks to the customer for this great restoration project!  March 11, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We have elected to restore the hartop drip edge/raingutter.  Also, watch as the new ARB Bull Bar is installed.  October 14, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- The exhaust has been installed.  September 16, 2008-  VIDEO UPDATE-  We are working on the brakes and have hung the doors.  Next watch as we have the custom exhaust system installed.  August 7, 2008-  VIDEO UPDATES- We are back on this project to the completion.  We have restored the doors and will be installing those on the Cruiser next week.  Watch as the exhaust is built and installed and we start driving this Cruiser around to work any bugs out.  February 15, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- More parts are installed…rear flares, seats, running boards, and more. Next watch for front door paint. February 5, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- Work continues to the engine and small electrical items. We also have painted some of the smaller silver parts for the interior of the Cruiser. February 1, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- It’s ALIVE….we move toward running the engine, running stainless steel brakelines….moving forward! January 16, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- The rear hatch has been installed and looks great. January 15, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- The hardtop is being built. The headliner is installed and the sides are bolted to the fiberglass top section. Down onto the tub the top goes and we work toward installing glass! January 7, 2008- The fiberglass top section has been placed in paint color. January 7, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- The hardtop sides have been painted and are waiting for assembly to the fiberglass top. The windshield frame has been installed. August 13, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- The Cruiser goes back together with many parts being installed back into the tub an cowl. Hardtop fabrication also is being done. August 3, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- Work on the rear saloon doors has been completed and they now sit in paint. The nose is going back on the frame and cowl. Many items have been bolted onto the engine that are difficult to capture on video…but they are there though. We will continue to work to get this Cruiser looking more like a Cruiser. Watch as small, but important, items are re-installed into the tub section. June 18, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- At this point a majority of the painting has been completed. All but the hardtop and doors are in paint color. We now work on getting the Cruiser back to looking like a Cruiser with the assembly process….bolting in all the many items that we have restored, painted, and/or replaced. June 11, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- The Land Cruiser is starting to look like a Land Cruiser once again….not just a bunch of parts! Watch as the body tub is wet sanded and placed onto the frame. The engine is now running with a test run in the "engine-run-up-machine." The engine is also sitting down in the frame as well as the tub. So the progress continues. May 23, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- We now have paint color! May 8, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- The body has been Line-X’ed and now the final sanding of the body tub will take place. We have also assembled the frame to a rolling unit. Watch next for the engine to be installed as well as paint to be applied. It will start to look like a Land Cruiser again soon! May 4th, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- WE have Line-X’ed the body tub, front fenders, aprons, and grill. Watch the videos for the entire process. We have been Line-X’ing our customers products for many years and have great success with this product. May 1st, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- The limited fabrication and body work are complete on this body tub. The etching primer has been applied and next we will bringing the Cruiser for Line-X, our favorite bed liner! We have also posted a video of the welding process to the front grill…bright! Watch next as Line-X is applied to the body tub and many other parts. April 24, 2007 VIDEO UPDATE- We have completed the limited fabrication to this fairly excellent condition steel original tub. We now move toward body work to get this body as straight as we can. April 11, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- The stock steel body tub has been sandblasted and is in very very good condition. We will elect to replace the rear sill section with new steel due to some fairly decent sized dents. We will also weld up some holes that have been drilled for various accessories overs the years. April 10, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- The frame has been completely sandblasted and has been put into black frame paint. The axles have also been sandblasted and placed into black paint. Look for the body tub sandblasting video next. April 3, 2007 VIDEO UPDATE- We have turned to working on the frame. About 80% of the frame has been sandblasted(weather put a stop to the process). We have installed a tow plate and a powersteering plate to the frame. We also "chase" all the nuts that have been welded into the frame from the factory. The axles are next and then it all goes into paint!! March 29, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- We have completed building the F engine. A Master Rebuild Kit was installed. If you are interested as to what you get in a Master Rebuild Kit, see the kit listed on our New Parts page. The rods and mains were ground at 10 over, and the block was bored at 20 over. Over all it was a typical rebuild. The video is of the painting of the engine block. Another video show the start of the frame work. We might have the engine installed on a rolling frame next week! It goes along quickly! March 19, 2007- Small parts are now going into paint color. Also, the engine is back from the machine shop. Look for video updates of that build soon. Enjoy the video…:) February 2, 2007- We have started the process of sand blasting the smaller parts for this restoration. Many of these items are brackets that will be used later. We have placed these items into our blast cabinet and cleaned the surfaces with a type of media called aluminum oxide. This type of media has the ability to be used up to 12 times before it’s surface turns to dust. The rear hatch has also been takn apart. Restoration- This 1974 FJ40 Land Cruiser comes from the state Georgia. It was delivered to Cruiser Solutions for a full restoration. We will be taking this Cruiser right down to the frame and building it back up. The vision here is to keep this classic Cruiser as stock looking as possible, but with a few added touches of comfort. Watch for a Dakar full suspension and power steering conversion.