Restoration 1976 FJ40 Engine Rebuild

June 5, 2009- VIDEO UPDATRES-  The engine rebuild has been completed for the customer.  For those engine gu-rues out there these are the specs on the engine rebuilt- The block was bored 1.00mm (.040), the crank was ground- .25mm for the rods and .50mm for the mains.  The main line was checked & fit, installed and fit the cam bearings, install the freeze plugs, surface the deck, assembled the crank and rods as well as the pistons & rings.  A full valve job was performed.  We did the engine run-up in our engine jig.  See that video on our Facebook page.  The front axle has been rebuilt.  A new Custom Exhaust (2 1/2") has been installed.  Note the new Ceramic Tune Port Headers….nice.