Restoration 1976 FJ40 – Ranch Cruiser

July 11, 2011- VIDEO UPDATES- We are back on this great restoration. The Cummins B3.3 engine proves to be a challenge with the project. However, we feel we have found the sources and information to move forward with this conversion. Watch as we install the power steering pump and AC units to the front of this engine. Interior work has also begun. January 24, 2011- VIDEO UPDATES- The Land Cruiser starts to look like a real Cruiser with many of the parts being assembled.  We now have a rolling frame with the axles and suspension having a new coat of paint. Watch as many items have been installed on the Aluminum Tub and Cowl.  The doors have also gone into paint color…PPG DBC. The frame has been Galvanized and it looks fantastic as a rolling frame! December 24, 2010-  We are ramping up work on this restoration. The hardtop and aluminum body tub and cowl have been mounted together.  The front doors have been restored with body work and primer.  The Cummins diesel engine and H55F Toyota transmission have been brought together using an Advanced Adaptors bell housing and a Phoenix Casting adaptor. The driveline has been brought into place in the frame and mounts have been fabricated and welded into place.  The frame has been re-surfaced using Aluminum Oxide “blast.”  To top of the frame restoration we have had the frame Galvanized! WOW does it look fantastic.  September 2, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- We have paint color.  Many of the parts for this project have been placed into paint color.  It is a dark green color that has a slight metallic to it.   It looks great in the sun!  August 16, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- Much has been done on this project over the past few months that we have not written about.  However, work does go on.  We have complete much of the prep work to all the major parts of this Cruiser.  The Line-X has been applied and we are working toward creating a rolling chassie.  The customer has selected a color and we will soon be applying that color to many of the parts prepped and waiting.  May 8, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- Work continues on the hardtop and the rear ambulance doors.  We have started the ARB Air Locker installation in the front axle.  April 23, 2010-  VIDEO UPDATES- The work has commenced on this extensive restoration/custom built Land Cruiser.  Each day new parts arrive for this project.  We have started collecting the many parts associated with this restoration.  The sandblasting has started as well as the rebuilding of the axles.  This 1976 will act as the CORE Cruiser, or better yet, the donor Cruiser for a full Aluminum Body Tub restoration.  We will use may key components for this restoration from this Cruiser.  It will sport many great Toyota products such as a diesel engine mated to an H55F 5 speed transmission. Ultimately this Land Cruiser will live on a high desert ranch out West .