Restoration 1977 FJ40

March 26, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- Front Axle Rebuilding was the work completed this week.  The front axles of most all Land Cruiser’s are in need of a good over-haul, this Cruiser was no exception.  It now sports all new seals, gasket and bearings….very nice.

March 12, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- A great deal of sandblasting has been done to the frame and axles.  Watch as we paint these items and prepare them for a suspension and the engine instllation.  March 5, 2010- Many VIDEO UPDATES- Wow we have made great progress with this great restoration.  Way to much to list….so watch the dynamic videos!  February 12, 2010- Many VIDEO UPDATES- Much has been done with this restoration in the last 2 weeks.  Much of what we are finding is also in very good condition in terms of RUST!  Not much if any to be found.  Yes, the main body tub was rusted so that we are headed toward our Aluminum Tub conversion.  However, the rest of the Cruiser is in very good condition.  Most of the rust is surface rust.  We have been working at sandblasting and stripping of paint as well as a great deal of body work.  Many parts are already in primer and are waiting for paint color….green.  We should be having the frame sandblasted soon and the engine (painted) back in it as well.  Watch as this process takes place!   January 29, 2010- This Land Cruiser comes to us for a full restoration.  It is pretty much all original and in very good condition.  It has not seen too many tough weather conditiond and has been well stored over it’s lifetime and it shows.  Yeah, the body tub is rough in spots which will warrant a new Aluminum Body Tub, but for the most part this Cruiser is in very clean condition.  Watch as we restore this Cruiser to better than new condition.