Restoration 1978 13BT Diesel Conversion

 May 8, 2010- VIDEO UPDATE- Hey, the ARB Bull Bar has been installed!  We have also been working on the 13BT Diesel engine and this Cruiser is close to being done.  Just in time for a New England Summer!  January 5, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- We are back on this Cruiser and have been for a few weeks, but just got around to updating the site with VIDEOS!  Many smaller details have been completed on this Cruiser. Wheels have been installed as well as the Rear Fender Flares…UB40’s look great.  Look for a new ARB Bull Bar on the front of this Cruiser soon.  We are close to the completion of the bright Land Cruiser.   July 24, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- The doors have been worked on over the past few weeks and have been installed.  June 26, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We are back onto this restoration project.  We are addressing a transmission synchro issue that we found when we pulled the Cruiser back into the shop.  The 3rd gear syncho’s were not letting the shifter come out of 3rd gear.  After inspection we found the syncho needed to be replaced and we have done that.  As well as inspecting the transmission and transfercase…all appear to be in great shape and condition.  We have also have installed the newly re-upholstered front seats.  Watch as we work toward starting the 13BT engine as well as many of the systems (brakes, PS, AC, etc.).  January 21, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES-  Small items are being installed on the Cruiser.  Watch as it is rolled out doors for the first time in a long time. December 24, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES-  The hardtop restoration is complete and the top has been installed on the aluminum body tub.  We are also doing brake work this week.  Many of the stock gaskets for the hardtop to tub have been installed….factory "like." December 5, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- We are closing in on having the hardtop completed.  December 1, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- Many small parts have been painted as well as the hood.  The front end is being assembled and it is looking like a Land Cruiser with each passing day.  The hardtop is coming together and will be in paint color soon. November- 26, 2008-  VIDEO UPDATES- Watch as the tub in installed on the frame.  November 14,2008- VIDEO UPDATE- The steel cowl and aluminum tub are now in paint color.  We have a rolling chassy with the suspension installed.  November 12, 2008- MANY VIDEO UPDATES- A great deal of work has been done in the last few weeks.  The frame has been built to a rolling chassy, the tub has been Line-x’ed, body worked, primed and now is going into paint color.  Many body parts are now in paint color as well.  Watch soon as the diesel engine is set into the frame and body is placed onto rolling chassy. October 18, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- The progress continues with the frame restoration and Diesel engine conversion.  After speaking with the customer today we will move ahead with Line-Xing of the Aluminum Body Tub and newly restored Steel Cowl.  We also will be doing body work and painting of the Aluminum Tub.  Ocotober 1, 2008-  Once again we commence a new resoration here at Cruiser Solutions.  We have been waiting quite a while to start this great turbo diesel conversion.  The diesel is from Japan and runs like a top!  We had this engine on our website for sale and it was purchased with the intent to install it into this customer’s Cruiser.  We will be taking 2 Cruiser’s and making one out of them.  Watch as this fuel efficient engine is installed into an FJ40.