Restoration 1978- Aluminum Tub- GM V8 Ram Jet!

December 6, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- This Cruiser will return to the owner so that he may complete his part of the restoration.  We were glad to help in the process and are looking forward to seeing arrive back at our facility….completed!  Nice Criser Mike!!….:) November 12, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES-  We have this Cruiser in "full" now. We have been asked to install the hardtop and doors.  The color is growing on all of us in the shop….it looks better all put together.  February 15, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- NEWLY posted restoration. This 1978 FJ40 is being restored in parts and pieces for the customer. He is doing most all of the re-assembly in his barn, but we are handling most of the fabrication, body work and paint. This has been a long range type of restoration over the past 7 years. He would like to have it on the road for Summer 2008. The color is from a 2007 Range Rover….Lucerne Green Metalic base-coat clear-coat #914317. It is a great color that is difficult to grasp when you see it from a distance. It is also very unforgiving for the body work man. It shows every imperfection in the surface below. But, we did a good job with that….:)