Restoration 1978 BJ43- Upgrades

June 3, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES-  This was a great project!  There were a number of items done to this unique Cruiser.  It has been a pleasure to have here at Cruiser Solutions.  Thanks Temple!  December 5, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- This extremely unique Land Cruiser comes to us from Vermont.  We have been asked to resolve a number of small to medium sized issues with this Cruiser.  It has many upgrades to it, the best being a 1HZ diesel engine with a 5 speed transmission, as well as an overdrive unit conversion.  Our work will consist of an ARB Old Man Emu suspension kit, Cruiser Solutions Carpet Kit and Headliner, a great deal of wiring, as well as a number of smaller issues.  This Cruiser is a pure pleasure to work on.  We are excited to have this Cruiser at our facility….:)