Restoration 1978 FJ40

June 11, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- We have made progress with the frame and cowl restoration on this FJ40. The cowl did require some limited work to where it bolts to the frame. Also, the steel side panels required steel fabrication. The frame fabrication went well and it is tough to see where the patches were made. Primer and black SEM Rust Shield paint was applied to the frame. The new Aluminum Tub is being installed on the newly restored frame. The running boards and transmission tunnel cover will also be installed. Watch for more updates as we complete this limited restoration. May 2007- This 1978 FJ40 Land Cruiser was purchased from Cruiser Solutions by the customer with the intent that we perform a "limited" restoration to it. So that is what we are going to do. This Cruiser has an interesting history that we have been keeping track of for over 17 years. The Cruiser had already been "restored" back about 17 years ago by a local Cruiser enthusiast. This owner has been returning to CS for parts and service ever since. The new owner would like to restore the portions of the Cruiser that he is farmiliar with ie; engine, brakes, and electrical. However, we will perform frame work, cowl work, and Aluminum Tub installation. Watch as this Cruiser transforms into a nice work in progress Cruiser…:)