Restoration 1978 FJ40- Pumpkin

October 9, 2009- VIDEO UPDATS- We have made a great deal of headway with this great restoration. Watch as this restoration comes to a completion soon!  September 29, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- It is the right time of year to complete this Land Cruiser restoration….FALL!  The hardtop and doors are going to be installed over the next few days.  The customer has also ordered up a set of ARB Front and Rear Air Lockers as well as an On Board Air Compressor and an ARB Front Bull Bar!  Also, watch for the custom Front Bucket Seats to be installed.   September 3, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We are working hard on the front door bottoms. June 26, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We have painted many parts and the Cruiser is being assembled to look more like a Land Cruiser.  Watch next as the hardtop is assembled and placed onto the body tub. June 5, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- The fiberglass top is in paint color and looks great.  The hardtop sides are painted in color on the insides.  Look for a great deal of ORANGE color next week. June 4th, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES…..FINALLY- We are moving along quickly with this restoration.  A great deal of work has been given to the hardtop.  Watch as many parts are placed into color.  November 13, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE-  We are really trying to get back onto this restoration.  We have been sand blasting many small parts and the jump seats are part of that process.  Watch next as small parts are placed into black ans silver colors. January 22,2008- VIDEO UPDATES- We continue to work at the engine assembly. The front "nose" goes onto the frame and cowl. January 7, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- The colorful body has been set back onto the frame and it is looking like a Land Cruiser once again. November 14, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES…FINALLY- We apologize to all for the long delay between video updates. Many technical problems with our computer and server have been resolved! The engine has been cleaned and painted and it looks better than new. The rolling frame with the new Dakar Suspension now has the engine installed. Watch next as the tub is placed onto the frame. October 16, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- Restoration 1978 FJ40- This Land Cruiser restoration was started about 2 years ago and had to be put on hold. The owner is ready to get back on the project and we are ready to commence work once again. The Cruiser owner originally shipped his Cruiser here from Rockport, Massachusetts, then he ended up moving to sunny Nashville, Tennessee where he currently lives. This unique colored Land Cruiser comes at the right time of year…Fall. We spoke at length about the exact color of this Cruiser and we ended up on this "burnt" orange color. I hope the pictures and videos tell the story of how great this color is!