Restoration: 1980 FJ40

January 15, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- Intercity Lines delivery!! Janury 7, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- The fianl video of this Cruiser has been taken before it heads out with Intercity Auto Transportation to the customer. WOW did this Cruiser come out nice! June 27, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- The rear tire carrier has been installed. The doors and been assembled and are being installed. April 3, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- The body work on the doors starts. Each door will require some type of skim coating of bondo. Land Cruiser doors tend to warp inward and this filler takes up that slight difference. Watch as we shoot these doors in House of Kolor soon… March 26, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- We commence work on the front doors. We had to look high and low to find a decent set of front doors. Welding the bottoms is typical for most all restoration projects. Watch as we weld. March 16, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES! This restoration is back on the front burner. We have new "old" video of this restoration. However, the work does continue on this project. The front doors are being worked on. Look for video updates of that soon. For now, enjoy some old footage of the paiting of this FJ40. 2006- This Land Cruiser was provided by Cruiser Solutions to our most current restoration customer from Pennsylvania. This 1980 FJ40 will sport the following products during it’s restoration; Aluminum Body Tub, New TOYOTA Front Fenders and Hood, Saginaw Power Steering Conversion, Full PPG or House of Kolor Paint finish, a Dakar Suspension Kit, and much more! Over the next few months this Land Cruiser will be transformed into a classic FJ40.