Restoration 1982 BJ42- Canadian Cruiser II

March 31, 2008- DELIVERY DAY!!  This Land Cruiser restoration is complete!  Our customer arrived from the Great North this morning to drive his beloved Land Cruiser home to Ontario Canada.  His reaction…"it was just as I had pictured it to be before we started this restoration."  Gabe, thank you for your business and dedication to this restoration…we appreciate it.  Enjoy!  March 6, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- Rims. March 5, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- We are trying to push this restoration to completion.  Many items will be installed over the next few days and we should be driving it soon.  February 19, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- Small hinges for the rear doors are in paint and now the ambulance doors can be installed. Also the seat brackets are in gray paint. Look for the seats to be installed soon as well. February 5, 2008- VIDEO UIPDATES- Pushing forward. Many little items have been installed on this Cruiser over the last week or so. The best part is the re-cored radiator for the 3B diesel engine. January 7, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- Seat…front seats now have new upholstery. October 11, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- The front nose is now being installed on the Cruiser. I love it when a plan comes together…:) October 10, 2007 VIDEO UPDATE- The body tub is now placed onto the frame. The hardtop has also been set in place on the tub. Under the body tub the fuel tank was installed as well as many of the vapor and fuel lines, all in stainless steel. The camera did not record this installation….sorry. But we will get footage of it next time it is on the lift…enjoy. October 8, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- The frame is assembled with axles and suspension…Old Man Emu Dakar! This frame looks better than new. The diesel 3B engine is placed back into the frame. We took the liberty to do a quick clean up on the drive line. We also are installing stainless steel brakelines this week. Look for the video of the body being installed back onto the fraem later this week. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends to the North! October 2, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- We are back to the frame. Sand blasting has taken place to the frame and axles. We are going to be painting this frame with our SEM Rust Sheild finish and boy will it look great!! Watch next as we get a rolling chassy built and the newly restored body is bolted back down to the frame! August 31, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- Work on the hardtop assembly begins. The glass and other items has been installed on the hardtop sides and the sides are being bolted onto the fiberglass top. Our headliner material is glued into place. August 29, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- The painting process is all but done. Now comes the re-assembly of all the restored parts. Last item on our list is to sandblast the frame and have that Galvinized…soon. August 22, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- Work continue with the rear ambulance doors. We are also dealing with the wiring harness making sure that all looks and runs smoothly there. August 18, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- The body tub and cowl are now in paint color! It looks fantastic and the process of painting is great to watch. The interior Line-X has been changed to a gray color to match the many gray interior items that will be installed back into and onto the tub an cowl. August 13, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- Line-x’ed parts, tub and cowl are back! We also have sandblasted the front and rear doors. August 3, 2007- Happy Birthday!! VIDEO UPDATES- The hardtop is coming along. We have sandblasted and done fabrication to the sides and rain gutter/perimeter section of the fiberglass top. The color has been changed to Tan and the hood now reflects that color. The Body Tub and Cowl, as well as many other parts, are at Line-X and will return next week. Look for videos of that soon. July 11, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- Work continues. Many small and large parts have been sandblasted, primed and painted. The Red color looks great! Watch as various parts are restored. June 27, 2007- The frame work continues. June 18, 2007- VIDEO UPDATE- The Cruiser is almost fully apart. We have it down to the frame and will work on removing the engine/driveline. We have noticed a few differences with the Cruiser being a BJ (diesel) that we don’t normally see on Cruiser’s here in the states (FJ’s). Over all this Cruiser is coming apart well and we will be sandblasting soon. June 12, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- Work has commenced on this BJ42 from Canada. We are in the disassembly process for a number of days. Watch as this complete Cruiser goes to "parts." March 16, 2007- This Land Cruiser originates from Ontario Canada and has been driven down to Cruiser Solutions for a full restoration. Watch as Cruiser Solutions installs our Aluminum Body Tub as well and a number of other items on and in this Canadian Cruiser. Yes, it is a diesel. It sports a 3B Toyota diesel engine. It runs like a top and the owner states that the fuel mileage is excellent. We will also be installing a Dakar Full Suspension Kit. However, the over-all Cruiser will be kept as stock as possible. Look for a color change too.