Restoration 1983 FJ40- Nantucket Island

Ocotober 14, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- We are closing in on the completion of this great restoration. September 16, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- The Cruiser is finally looking like a Cruiser.  August 25, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES-  We are moving toward the completion of this restoration.  All of the large body parts have been installed onto this Cruiser with exception of the hood.  The interior items are going in next.  The doors and the hardtop have been installed back onto the body tub and look great.  August 7, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- We are deep into the re-assembly phase of this restoration.  Watch as all the restored parts that have been painted are placed back onto and into this great Cruiser. July 9, 2008-  VIDEO UPDATES- Most of the color of red has been painted.  The last item to be painted will be the body tub.  The Aluminum Tub and Cowl are just about done being worked on for dash and body work.  Next it will be to the Line-X shop.  June 9, 2008-  VIDEO UPDATES- We have been very busy getting items closer to paint color…which will be Freeborn RED!  Watch as many items are worked into paint color.  April 9, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- A great deal has been done to this Cruiser restoration over the past month.  The frame has been repaired with a new Rear Crossmember, Frame Gussets and Leaf Spring Gussets.  These frame parts often rust away.  They are located on the rear of the frame.  Also, sections of the inner frame rail were replaced due to ….RUST.  A Saginaw Power Steering Kit has been welded in and the sand blasting of the entire frame has been completed.  Next it was off to the Galvinization plant for hot galvy dipping.  A rolling frame is being built with the ARB Dakar Suspension System.  In between all of this frame work, many of the Cruiser’s parts have been stripped of paint, many layers of paint.  March 4, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- This 1983 FJ40 will be spending it’s days on Nantucket Island Massachusetts when we are finished with it.  On The Island salt air and water can eat away at any steel vehicle in a matter of months or years.  This Cruiser had under-gone a "partial" restoration that would not withstand the harsh conditions of island life if left in it’s current state.  We will be installing our Aluminum Body Tub and Cowl to insure a long life of traveling the beaches of Nantucket in rust free style.  We will also galvinize the frame and use stainless steel hardware throughout this restoration.