Restoration 1983 Troop Carrier

September 23, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE-  We have PAINT COLOR! September 16, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES-  The long process of body work is complete.  It took many hours to finish, but the sanding and priming are done.  Watch next as this Troop Carrier’s body tub goes into paint color….. factory Nordic Blue.  August 7, 2008- VIDEO UPDATE- We are back onto this restoration with body work to the body tub.  Troop Carriers have the largest amount of body work that we have seen.  There is a great deal of metal to get straight….especially after welding as much as we have.  We are working to get this Cruiser into paint color.  February 19, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- Primer on the tub and cowl and then it is off to Line-X!! February 15, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- Hey, we are once again back on this project to hopefully push it through to completion!! This a great project due to it’s unique nature. The body tub has taken a great deal of time to restore and customize, but it is looking good. We are working toward Line-X’ing the entire body tub later next week. Attention to detail is the key before any paint color is applied. Color you say….that will be soon and in BLUE! October 19, 2007- VIDEO UPDATES- Look what’s going on here this week. We have started back on this great restoration project. It is one big Cruiser that has been taking up a great deal of room in our shop, so now is the time to get this Cruiser into Line-X and paint color. We have done a great deal of body tub fabrication on the last week or two. Watch as the steel work continues. Watch for body work next week. Also, keep an eye out for the engine and driveline installation soon….enjoy! MARCH 16, 2007- VIDEO updates now available!! Check out the new technology here at Cruiser Solutions…VIDEO UPDATES OF RESTORATIONS. March 7, 2007- The welding continues to the tub. The RH wheel well is completed and just about welded in. February 27, 2007- The fabrication to the LH side of the body is just about complete. We have temporarily fit the hardtop side to the 1/4 panel to make sure we have all the angles correct. Welding can, and does, distort the steel, so having the top as a guide works well. We have also taken many measurements from our company Troop Carier so that all the fabrication is as "factory" as can be. The rear sill of the bed has been welded in and we are working our way over to the RH side of the body. This side (RH) should go along a little bit quicker because the "learning curve" on the LH side has been done. February 19,2007- We have assembled the frame and the Old Man Emu suspension (HJ47) to use as the plateform on which to build the body tub. This will allow us to have accurate lines for the tub to be built. New Poly mounts are being used. February 13, 2007- Welding continues. Having all the panels line up takes lots of measurements. February 7, 2007- Welding, welding, welding. We continue to fabricate the wheel well and floor suports. Having the new wheel wells has been great. It affords us to have more than enough original material to weld with. Watch as we bring in our Troop Carrier to help take measurements from so that we get the body as accurate as possible. February 2, 2007- The body tub restoration continues. We are welding in "new" sections of flooring. A new edge has been created where the wheel well once transitioned into the floor. Note the patched section that uses similar steel pattern as the rest of the floor. Sandblasting takes place in between welding to keep a good clean metal surface to weld upon. January 29, 2007- We have removed the wheel wells as they are going to be in out way. Why? We will widen the wheel well section directly behind the front seta to make room or a set of buckets seats(second row seting). We will reuse some of the old wheel well sections and also weld in a pair of rare, Toyota, original wheel wells. This will look and be great. We have also seam sealed the cowl sections that we have welded in last week. January 26, 2007- The welding continues to the driver’s floor area. We have also manufactured plates to be welded onto the support crossmembers under the main part of the rear floor. In between all of this we continue to sandblast select sections for better welding penetration. January 24, 2007- Today we continue to weld in floor sections. January 23, 2007- This Troop Carrier comes to Cruiser Solutions from Virginia for a full restoration and custimization. We will restore the original tub too better than original. The drivetrain will be replaced with a Chevy V8 Ram Jet with a 4l60 Automatic transmission behind it. Many other custom parts will be added to the process. watch as we transform this unique Land Cruiser into a one of a kind Troop Carrier.