Restoration 1984 FJ60 Diesel Conversion

March 16, 2012- VIDEO UPDATES- We are making the final push to complete this restoration. We re-start the project with pulling the engine and doing a paint job to the block and external parts. We also have the custom bucket seats sitting in the cab. March 26, 2010- VIDEO UPDATE- We have the frame in black paint!  Watch as we move toward a rolling chassy and ultimately the installation of the shell back onto the frame.   August 14, 2009-  VIDEO UPDATES-  It has been a while since our last update, though work has been occuring on the Land Cruiser as you will see in the video updates.  We have been working on getting as many body parts into paint color as possible.  The “new” used shell has arrived and we will be sand blasting that and prepping it for paint and Line-X!  The color looks fantastic and we are very happy with the progress so far. June 26, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We have been working on many of the body parts for this project.  The doors, rear hatch, front fenders and valance have all been sandblasted and placed into primer and some into paint color!  We have also located a donor shell to replace the rusted one that came with this Cruiser.  Many of the parts wil be place into full paint color over the next few days.  The GREEN color looks great!!  June 5, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES-  Work is being done to the frame- sand blasting and welding.  June 4th, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES-  We are making great strides with paint removeal.  Many of the doors have been stripped of many layers of paint.  We have been give the go-ahead to find a new doner body for this project.  We will work toward sand blasting all these parts. March 27, 2009- VIDEO UPDATE- 1984 FJ60- 1HZ Diesel conversion. We are posting the first of many videos of this FJ60 restoration.  The customer will be watching this restoration on the “other side of the world” and we wish him well.  There is a long list of items that we are being asked to perform on this Cruiser- galvinize the frame, Old Man Emu Suspension Kit, new interior, full paint, custom stereo system, and much more.  Watch as we begin this restoration and bring this old Cruiser back to life.