Restoration 1990 FJ62

March 12, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES- Wow, what a difference a set of new sneakers (tires) makes!  This Cruiser looks spectacular with these wheels.  Now it is on to drive the Cruiser and finally install the way cool stereo/Navigation/DVD system!  January 29, 2010- VIDEO UPDATES-  A great of progress has been made in the last 2 weeks.  We went from a rolling frame and shell to both being united together again and many of the restored parts being installed back into and onto the Cruiser.  January 15, 2010- VIDEO UPDATE-  The shell is now in paint color and looks great!  Now the push is on to install all the many restored parts back into and onto this Cruiser.  The carpet kit is being installed and well as many interior parts.  The new Leather Upholstery will be installed soon. Watch as the body and frame are bolted back together. December 11, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES…MANY- We have been video of this project for many weeks but did not post them until now.  We have moved forward with painting of most all the body parts with the exception of the shell.  The frame has been sandblasted and painted.  The new OME Suspension is in and we have a rolling frame.  Watch as we complete the shell’s rust fabrication and move toward installing all the restored parts back on this well restored FJ62 Land Cruiser.  October 16, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We have taken apart 90% of this Cruiser at this point.  The body work and priming have started on doors, hood, and rear hatch.  The shell has been removed from the frame and we will start the body work on that soon.  Look for sand blasting of the frame as well.  September 29, 2009- VIDEO UPDATE-  Today we purchsed this 1990 Land Cruiser for a complete restoration.  Our customer would like us to bring this Cruiser right down to the frame and build it back up to it’s orginal glory.  Watch as we will take this FJ62 through the Cruiser Solutions restoration process and revive it to better than new!