Restoration 1993 FZJ80

April 24, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- Completed and delivered today and boy does it look fantastic.  Thank you Charlie!!  March 27, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We are headed into the final stretch!  The Cruiser is in the bay where tune-ups are done and we are attending to many small items there as well.  Watch as we perform an engine tune up as well as a front axle rebuild (bearings, seals and gaskets).  Last on the list will be exhaust work.  Right before we ship the Cruiser home we will have the engine sateam cleaned and the entire Cruiser detailed!  Ho boy! March 11, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES-  The ARB Products, Bull Bar, Rear Bumper with Spare Tire Carrier and Roof Rack, have all been painted and installed and they look great!  There was some concern over it being "too red", but we feel it looks great with some touches of black located on these items.  Next the wheels will be installed.  The final detail will be perform a thorough tune-up and engine detailing.  February 25, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- The ARB Roof Rack and Bull Bar are being painted RED today.  They look great! February 24, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- The ARB Bull Bar, Rear Bumper and Roof Rack are being sanded and placed into paint color….RED.  These are the final touches to this Cruiser appearance. February 16, 2009- VIDEO UPDATE-  We have made a change with the upholstery.  The color originally selected we all felt was too light, so we have made a darker selection of color and we are very happy with the change.  Wheels are also being discussed and we will make a decision on those this week.  Also, watch as the final push is made to paint the ARB products- Front Bull Bar, Rear Bumper and Full Roof Rack.   January 21, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- The full seat interior has been installed and looks great.  The door panels are complete with custom materials.  We are awaiting the arrival of the front and rear bumpers as well as a few door handle parts.  We have brought the Cruiser out doors for the first time in several months and the natural light makes the paint look great!  December 24, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- We have turned our attention to door panel creation.  The door panels are no longer available, so we are going to create our own.  December 5, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- If Santa could drive a vehicle (instead of the sleigh) what would select? Why this Land Cruiser of course!  November 26, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES-  The stereo system is being installed.  The customer has selected a nice GPS, Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, etc. type of system for this Cruiser.  We are staying on the conservative side of the system with no subwoofers and the like.  It will be real nice….an upgrade from what was originally installed.  We are also working on the front radiator support system. October 6, 2008-  VIDEO UPDATES- We have many videos that show great paint progress.  Enjoy. September 16, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES- We have completed much of the detailed body work to the many body panels on this Cruiser.  Wach as we start the paint color process (RED RED RED) with the finishing of all the "jams" on the Cruiser.  August 25, 2008- VIDEO UPDATES-  We continue to sand the entire body of this large Land Cruiser.  There are many smaller dents and "dings" throughout this Cruiser, but none are too bad that bodywork cannot repair.  Watch as the doors, tailgate, hatch, hood, front fenders, etc. are removed and placed into primer.  We are waiting on a color selection from the customer.  We know it will be RED.   August 4, 2008-  VIDEO UPDATE-  We have started this restoration to the FZJ80.  We have been asked to change the color to Red and make it look like it left the showroom floor.  That is what we intent to do here.  Watch as this Cruiser transforms.