Restoration 1994 FZJ80 1HZ Diesel Conversion

June 5, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- The carpet kit is being installed.  The rear jump seats are being installed too.  June 4, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- Many small parts are being installed on this Cruiser.  We are working toward sealing the Cruiser back up with glass replacement.  To do this we are installing many new seals and gaskets.  Ultimately a new windshield will be installed.  Watch as the new Carpet Kit and Seats are installed.   May 26, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- The Cruiser is in paint color!  It has been a fairly long process to get this large Cruiser into final paint, but that process has been completed.  Watch as it all goes back together!  April 24, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We are working on painting this Cruiser.  Much of the body work has been completed and we have primed a better part of the body.  Watch as we place many items into paint color, painting the "jams."  March 27, 2009-  VIDEO UPDATES- IT IS ALIVE!  The 1HZ Diesel engine has been started and runs great.  Many of the connections for the electrical part of the engine (glow plugs, etc.) has been completed.  We also have completed much of the new seat upholstery in the Nutmeg color.  It too looks great.  The drive shafts have been altered and are ready to be installed.  Watch next as we move toward painting the Cruiser.  March 11, 2009- VIDEO UPDATES- We have been moving foward with the engine conversion.  We removed the old gas engine and the "new" diesel 1HZ has been installed.  The installation went smoothly….very smoothly.  Why?  The front motor mounts were an exact fit…dead on.  The rear crossmember that supports the transfercase needed to be moved about 4" forward….not a problem with that.  We are working on some compliucated wiring issues, but we will conquere that during the week. We are also updating the upholstery with a new Leather Upholstery Kit (Nutmeg color).  We will be installing a new ARB Rear Bumper due to the old Kaymar rusting away.  We will also paint the front ARB Bull Bar.  There are a few body panels that will require some paint…maybe the whole Cruiser.  Ultimately it will look new. February 24,2008- VIDEO UPDATE- Diesel conversions have become extremely popular over the last 4 years.  This Cruiser comes down from Vermont for a full drive-line conversion.  The 1HZ 6 cylinder is a great Toyota engine.  We will be installing this drive line as well as improving the interior with our Leather Upholstery Kit and Carpet Kit.  The paint may also be addressed with a fresh coat of base-coat/clear-coat.  The Kaymar Rear Bumer and ARB Front Bull  Bar will need paint as well.