Restoration BJ42 LX- Italy

April  22, 2012– VIDEO UPDATES-  We are close to the completion of this GREAT restoration.  Watch as we install the many last minute items on this restoration.  We will be loading it into the container this week!!  July 11, 2011- VIDEO UPDATES- Work has commenced on this restoration from Italy. We are in the disassembly process of the restoration. We re taking notes as we take this Cruiser apart. The biggest find is that the original body has been hit in both rear quarter panels and there is more rust than originally anticipated. So we will be making a decision as to the tub. All the hardware is being kept so it can be re-plated so as to look and be like new again. January 28, 2011-  VIDEO UPDATE-  This unique 1983 BJ42 LX Land Cruiser has been sent to us at Cruiser Solutions for a full and complete restoration.  For many months we have been exchanging emails and phones call with our newest customer who is located in Brescia, Italy.  We have worked with him to arrange for a container and shipping company to transport this project directly to us here in Hampstead, New Hampshire, USA.  Please tune in to watch this detailed restoration take place here at Cruiser Solutions.