Restoration D90 Land Rover 1994

June 9, 2008-  VIDEO UPDATES-  This Land Rover is close to being complete.  We are busy wet sanding all painted parts.  Watch as we soon install ARB products as well as Stainless Steel Brakelines….Restoration D90-  Well this is a first here at Cruiser Solutions, a Land Rover in our facility for restoration/paint/repair.  Yes, "the times are a changing."  This special project was accepted with great anticipation here at Cruiser Solutions.  The D90 comes to us from Philadelphia PA on the Main Line.  The request- paint the entire vehicle, upgrade brakes system with stainless steel lines, replace oil lines with stainles steel lines, new front ARB Bumper, new rocker panel sliders, and generally just get rid of the rust…please.  So that is what we intend to do.  We are learning about the D90 as we go along and will report back to you fellow Land Cruiser enthusiasts as to what we find.  So far so good….it is a nice vehicle.  The V8 power plant is smooth to drive.  The heat….What Heat!  That we will work on too.  Yes, it is aluminum.