Restoration FJ40 1976

July 12, 2011- VIDEO UPDATES This restoration has taken a new turn. We at Cruiser Solutions will be completing this project for the customer. The remaining parts for this Cruiser were shipped to us a few weeks ago with the intention of having Cruiser Solutions complete the restoration for the customer. We will now be installing a brand new Chevy V8 with an automatic 4L60 transmission as well as many other parts. Watch as this BLACK Land Cruiser becomes a great show piece. August 16, 2010- VIDEO UPDATE- This Land Cruiser will be an interesting project.  The customer is from the mid-west and would like to perform as much of the restoration with his family and close friends.  He would like for us at Cruiser Solutions to provide our Aluminum Body Tub and Cowl, as well as many other unique products, to this project.  We will be painting, Line-X’ing, and prepping many of the items for this restoration.  Ultimately the customer will pick up these many items and return to the mid-west to build the Cruiser.  We have received many items in a shipping container for prep work; hardtop, doors, etc.  More will arrive later.