Land Cruiser Restorations

Whether you want an FJ40,FJ45, FJ60, or a HJ47 immaculately restored to original condition, or a totally Custom Cruiser, our experience, craftsmanship and highly personalized customer service will deliver the Cruiser you dream about. As a long-time admirer and owner, I understand how each owner wants to make his or her Cruiser the best on the road – or off the road. That’s why Cruiser Solutions works closely with you to develop a shared vision that becomes your unique reality. Photos and web site page updates record each step, so that you can see your Cruiser’s progress and be a full partner in the process, from start to finish.

Featured Land Cruiser Restoration Projects

Hello World
1983 Crew Cab to Troop Carrier Restoration
BJ40 FULL Restoration
1971 FJ40 Aluminum Tub Installation & OME
1979 FJ40 Frame Swap
1997 FZJ80 Series Interior Updates
FJ60 Paint Finish
FJ62 Paint Finish and Interior