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ALUMINUM- Building a better Land Cruiser

UPDATE 2023- This year will be the LAST year for Aluminum Bodies! After 31 years of constant production our pioneering Aluminum Bodies will be closing it’s doors. Cruiser Solutions PIONEERED the sales and installation of aluminum body tubs here in the U.S.A. in 1992, and we think they’re the way to go when restoring Toyota Land Cruisers. What’s so good about the Aluminum Body Tub? The heavy-gauge (quarter-inch and eighth-inch) marine-grade 5052 and aircraft-grade aluminum 6061 (T6) is pound-for-pound stronger than the original steel body. The aluminum body tub does not rust. The aluminum body tub can be left unpainted and look great! The aluminum body tub can be painted in the color and finish of your choice. It’s economical and easy to install, whether you do it yourself or we do it for you. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of electrical current and the body tub serves as a natural ground for the electrical system. Best of all it will improve the value of your Land Cruiser, helping it to appreciate in the years to come, lasting longer.

*Shipping and Handling has a separate charge. Please call or email for a quote on both these costs. We ship our products ANYWHERE in the world.